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PAR IT Consulting is an information technology consulting company that strives to deliver the best client experience possible. Our team of experienced engineers and full-stack developers can leverage their diverse skillset and broad knowledge base along with decades of combined experience to support clients through every phase of a project. We will take your idea and grow it into a successful reality.

PAR IT Consulting is a division of Seaman and Associates Inc. which was founded in 1960.  We have been integral to the data needs of the marketing research industry, and specialize in data normalization, data processing and reporting.  We have transitioned with and improved technology processes since the days of the IBM mainframes to the virtual servers of today.   We moved to our current in 2020 to be more centrally located for the convenience of our clients.  Our employees are like family and we treat our clients as if they are part of our team.

Data Analytics Team

PAR IT Consulting Team
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